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What is a Veterinary Ultrasound Machine?

Posted by National Veterinary Equipment on 20th Dec 2022

Veterinary ultrasound machines are essential diagnostic tools used by veterinarians every day. They conduct multiple procedures and examinations to view organs to determine a problem or assess the patient's health. An ultrasound machine used by veterinarians can be incredibly helpful in detecting and diagnosing various medical issues.

How Is Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment?

While ultrasound technology used in human medicine is very similar, there are some critical differences between ultrasound machines used for veterinary applications and those used by human doctors. The technology is similar to the ultrasound machines that human doctors use, but there are some key differences.

For starters, ultrasound machines for veterinary purposes typically have higher resolution images and greater frequency ranges, which allows veterinarians to see more detail in veterinary ultrasound images. They also have different probe sizes since vets typically on smaller animals than human patients. Additionally, veterinary ultrasound machines often feature imaging software that contains algorithms specifically tailored to veterinary applications.

Factors That Affect Your Diagnostic Capabilities

The ultrasound machine depends mainly on the patient's type, size, weight, and biology. Ultrasound machines used for exotics, such as birds or reptiles, have to be designed differently due to their size and shape. Lastly, ultrasound machines designed for livestock must be able to image larger animals that may not fit in a traditional ultrasound room.

Pets And Companion Animals

These ultrasound machines are designed to help veterinarians diagnose heart conditions, abdominal issues, and more. Machines used on pets, such as dogs and cats, are usually smaller ultrasound machines with probes of various sizes. This makes it easier to access small areas in the body, such as organs and limbs.


For exotic animals like zoo residents or rescued wildlife, ultrasound machines can come with unique probes. Some are designed for smaller animals or specific species of animals. Others accommodate patients who do not want to be at the waiting table.

For example, ultrasound machines used on aquatic animals may be designed with waterproof probes to do the ultrasound in water. Their size may also vary; a probe for a seal, for example, will be bigger than a probe needed for a seahorse.

Livestock And Farm Animals

For large livestock like cows, horses, and pigs, ultrasound machines used by veterinarians typically have more significant probes and a more comprehensive frequency range to accommodate larger body sizes. Veterinarians use these ultrasound machines to check for reproductive problems or to assess muscle diseases.

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