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National Veterinary Equipment is your top source for imaging, surgical and laboratory needs.

Our team retains a regular supply of these delicate scanners, probes, anesthesia machines, patient monitors, digital x-ray and transducers while promising data confidentiality. Please browse our website to find your ideal device.

Types Of Veterinary Ultrasound Systems And Features

What can you find here at National Veterinary Equipment? We list some machines, designs, and features that can benefit your clinic, hospital, or practice.

Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Machines

Portability is crucial for point-of-care ultrasounds or when you have a high volume of patients. If transferring a machine indoors or outdoors, you want a device that can adjust to the environmental change. That’s why we have options for portable veterinary ultrasounds.

Ergonomic Controls

Increasing comfort for vets and technicians can prevent burnout and long-term physical issues. When attending multiple patients, you want to reduce strain while administering a vet ultrasound. Not helping is that not every patient is agreeable and may require sedation.

Rugged Designs

Sometimes you need to apply point-of-care outdoors, in rural areas with barns or pastures. You want a machine that can handle the weather and any uneven terrain.

Water Resistance

Do you need to apply point-of-care in outdoor locations? Are some of your patients aquatic or living in areas with high humidity? Then it would help if you had ultrasound equipment that could handle the water droplets without either damaging the probes or skewing the readings.
Show More Fish cannot last out of water for a long time, but species that can endure for years may require extensive care to extend their quality of life. Taking care of them can prove difficult; the oldest fish in the world is 90 years old. We can recommend which machines are better for outdoor or aquatic points of care. Consider, for example, tending to marine zoo residents or exotics in aquariums.

What Do Our Systems Offer

Why should you request a quote for one of our systems? National Veterinary Ultrasound has a few benefits as an equipment retailer for clinics.

Dental Equipment

Our dental equipment minimizes discomfort for the patient. Dental health is crucial for monitoring a patient’s body, especially since many pets and livestock don’t like traditional teeth cleaning.

Endoscopes And Gastroscopes

These devices track and monitor digestive health for pets. Choose either rigid or flexible endoscopes to find invasive objects, or organ issues.

Digital X-Rays

Our X-ray machines focus on image quality and confidential data storage. Share these images safely with radiologists, and improve patient care.

Anesthesia Machines

Apply anesthetic to different animals with a higher level of accuracy. Each one factors in patient size, weight, and biology. The machines are designed to handle a variety of pets, exotics or livestock.

Patient Monitors

Check vital signs at any moment during an appointment. Patient monitors are designed for accuracy, and safety for the party.

Infusion Pumps

Our infusion and I/V pumps are designed for patient comfort as well as flexibility. They have intuitive controls that can adjust for delivering medication or vital fluids.

Electrosurgical Units

Prevent coagulation with these units during surgery. We carry units that are specifically designed to handle specific procedures, which require precision to reduce potential blood loss.

Surgical Lights

Our surgical lights have LED and flexible arrangements. Work with minimal heat and maximum ergonomics.

High-Quality Imaging

All of the machines we carry – digital x-rays, ultrasound devices, endoscopes and more– are curated for the diagnostic images they can provide to veterinarians and tech specialists. We also have a wide range of devices that incorporate image optimization.

Ultrasound Machines With Specialized Veterinary Imaging

Patients come in all shapes and sizes. You may have giant animals like equines and bovines, or small animals such as fancy rats or tamed flying squirrels. The machines may have the capacity for this diversity, but the probes matter the most. Show More A sugar glider small enough to fit in its owner’s hands will need a probe that can detect unusual tissue growth in smaller organs.

Customer Care

Customer needs are critical to us. We know that veterinary clinics usually have a high patient volume. When you talk to our representatives, we promise to pay attention to all your medical needs.

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Invest In Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment From National Veterinary Equipment

National Veterinary Equipment wants to ensure that veterinarians always have access to the highest quality ultrasound equipment. Our ultrasound scanners, new and refurbished, always promise high-quality care and imaging.
To find out more about our ultrasound systems, please reach out to us today. Let National Veterinary Equipment upgrade your user interface and lower the learning curve for accessible image quality.

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