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About Us

National Veterinary Equipment is a specialized offshoot of National Ultrasound. We have focused on our expertise and experience in selling ultrasound in the Veterinary market for 12 years. Ultimately, our goal is to provide affordable, quality options for clinics, hospitals, and practices of any shape and size.

Peace Of Mind For Veterinarians And Technicians

The modern veterinarian needs constant access to capital equipment. We will carry equipment for imaging, surgical and laboratory needs. The team experts hope to feature a wide selection of equipment from the most popular and reliable brands. In addition to high-quality imaging, our offerings will include expert training and service.

Our team keeps on top of the newest technologies available for vets and their patients. Systems offer a wide range of ultrasound scanners, from black and white to color doppler images. Some can apply point-of-care in any environment and for a patient of any size. Why wait to look?

Our Parent Company

National Ultrasound is expanding our Veterinary equipment offerings using the National Veterinary Equipment website. We have served the veterinary community with ultrasound equipment for over a decade. Our goal is to provide more specialized services, especially to treat either livestock, exotics, or small animals. Pet owners will thank you for the care that you provide.

Experience has taught us that veterinary clinics often have a high volume of patients with different biological needs. Even dogs of various sizes can develop other conditions, either genetic or otherwise. That is why having a versatile veterinary ultrasound machine is essential.

What Our Field Of View Provides

This new division carries equipment to cover the modern veterinary clinic’s needs, from digital x-ray to surgical equipment. Treat any farm animals quickly with these veterinary ultrasound systems, indoors or outdoors.

Ultrasound Equipment

Whether indoors or outdoors, for point-of-care or regular scans, our team has the quality you desire. We are eager to hear your feedback and find out what veterinary imaging tools you need, from transducers to displays. Trust our portable veterinary ultrasound devices to deliver on health.

Digital X-Rays

Our digital X-rays do more than improve image quality for examining bone tissue and organs. They also allow veterinarians to store and share these images safely for more accurate exams.

Find which X-ray machines are suited for your clinic, and what older analog options can convert to digital.

Infusion Pumps

Infusion or I/V pumps need to be lightweight, reliable, and flexible. Some have programming options for dispensing fluids or important medication. See if our options and intuitive controls fit your veterinary needs.

Dental Equipment

Taking care of animal teeth is important; teeth can indicate serious health problems without proper cleaning. Dental suite equipment can provide comfort for patients and veterinarians alike, from portable units to adjustable tables. Angle your station, and tackle any tooth decay or plaque.

Endoscopes And Gastroscopes

Endoscopes and gastroscopes are used to diagnose potential digestive issues; we have rigid and flexible options for both, with accessories for specific procedures. While endoscopes look at the esophagus, gastroscopes look at the gastrointestinal tract and sometimes require anesthetic.

Anesthesia Machines

Our selection of veterinary anesthesia machines are designed for precision. Inhalation and exhalation domes account for patient size and weight, to increase safety for them and the vet.

Patient Monitors

We curate monitors for your large and small patients from multiple manufacturers. Each device is cost-effective and accurate. Watch vital signs with no issue at every appointment.

Electrosurgical Units

To handle coagulation during a veterinary surgery, these units can prevent complications on the operating table. Find a device that matches laparoscopic, ENT or other types of surgery. Some even have radiofrequency connections.

Surgical Lights

Our surgical lights are designed for brightness and adjustability. LEDS give off minimal heat while lasting for a long time. Find your ergonomic option when conducting a vet ultrasound or a standard examination.

Meet Animal Medicine Industry Standards With National Veterinary Equipment

National Veterinary Equipment is your natural source for veterinary ultrasound equipment. We are dedicated to retailing new and refurbished veterinary ultrasound machines and other devices that clinics require. You can handle patients of any volume.

To find out more about our options for animal health, please reach out to us today. Let National Veterinary Equipment streamline your image quality in real-time. We know how to introduce veterinary patients to harmonic imaging and give them reassurances during a potentially stressful ordeal.