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Digital X-ray

Veterinary X-Ray Equipment

The veterinary digital x-ray equipment market is proliferating. Demand for high-quality pets, livestock, and exotic care has increased. Because of that, veterinary clinics and hospitals upgrade their facilities with the latest medical technology. Standards for image quality have increased dramatically.

Portable Digital Imaging X-Ray Options

View our options for digital portable X-ray equipment. We carry brands like DynaVue and VET, the most innovative companies in the business. A small chance like the ExamVue Digital X-Ray Machine comes with a five-year warranty for your benefit.

The DynaVue 2-in-1 Fluoroscopy and Digital X-Ray Machine have a mode switch for interventional radiology. Bring minimally invasive diagnostics to any medical facility and process images in real-time.

Traditional Versus Digital Radiography

Digital radiography offers many advantages over traditional film radiography, including the ability to instantly view images on a computer screen, decreased radiation exposure, and the ability to store and archive photos electronically.

Every clinic or animal hospital should maintain digital x-ray equipment because it’s the best way to get a clear image of what is happening inside an animal’s body. Digital x-rays are also more efficient than traditional film radiography and offer many other advantages.

Better Image Quality

One important reason why every clinic or animal hospital should have digital x-ray equipment is that it offers superior image quality. With digital x-rays, you can instantly view images on a computer screen, which is much better than waiting for the film to develop. This is especially important when you need to make a quick diagnosis.

Safer Imaging System

Another reason why every clinic or animal hospital should have digital x-ray equipment because it decreases radiation exposure. Traditional film radiography exposes animals and veterinary staff to harmful radiation, but with digital x-rays, the amount of radiation exposure is reduced significantly.

Secure Image Processing

Finally, every clinic or animal hospital should have digital x-ray equipment because it allows you to store and archive images electronically. This is a massive advantage because you can keep track of an animal’s medical history much more quickly.

Standard Digital X-Ray Systems

When it comes to veterinary digital x-ray equipment, there are a few different devices that should be standard in a clinic. The first is a desktop system, which is excellent for smaller clinics that don’t have much space. Desktop systems are small and compact and can easily be integrated into your existing workstation.

Another type of digital x-ray device that should be standard in a clinic is a portable system. Portable systems are perfect for clinics that do a lot of mobile work or veterinary hospitals with multiple locations. Portable systems are lightweight and easy to transport, so you can take them wherever you go.

Finally, an extensive system is the last type of digital x-ray device that should be standard in a clinic. Large systems are perfect for veterinary hospitals that handle a high patient volume. Large systems are fast and efficient, and they offer superior image quality.

Find Out What A Digital X-Ray System Delivers At National Veterinary Equipment

National Veterinary Equipment wants to provide fully integrated systems for any clinic. Animal patients deserve the highest quality care.
Please get in touch with us today to find out more about X-ray image device options. Ask for a quote on an ideal float table or portable X-ray.

  • DeteCT Vet Veterinary CT & X-ray Machine


    DeteCT Vet Veterinary CT & X-ray Machine

    The DeteCT Vet is designed for dedicated veterinary application. Includes Cone Beam Computed Tomography, 17″ x 17″ Live Video X-ray (30 FPS Full Fluoroscopy) and 17″ x 17″ Radiography. Highlighted CT features include it's compact...

  • Portable Dental X-RAY


    VET Dental Digital X-ray System

    DIGITAL INTRA-ORAL SENSOR: Pluto 0001X / Pluto 0002X0 APS CMOS technology Smart AED-Compatible for variety X-Ray sources Direct deposition CSI - Lower dose imaging USB Slim, rounded corner and thumb position IP68 High reliability YL DENTAL X...

  • JPI Dynavue Duo 4-in-1 veterinary x-ray machine


    DynaVue Duo Fluroscopy and Digital X-Ray Machine

    The DynaVue Duo can go from digital X-ray to Live X-ray Video mode mid-exam without any adjustment to your patient. Applications beyond digital X-ray are plentiful with DynaVue’s Live X-ray Video capabilities. DynaVue is the brand new 4-in-1...

  • JPI ExamVue Digital X-Ray Machine


    ExamVue Digital X-Ray Machine

    Easy to Upgrade - Use Your Current Table and Generator. The 14” x 17″ ExamVue DR tethered cassette-sized detector easily fits into standard bucky tray cabinets for upgrading a film or CR system to a flat panel DR system. Easy to use, Low...

  • JPI DirectVet Digital X-Ray Machine


    DirectVet Digital X-Ray Machine

    This system is for animal hospitals needing a new Cesium flat panel detector, 2 way float xray table and High frequency Xray generator that plugs into a regular 110. 120 kvp maximum output, The heavy-duty table holds up to 300 lbs. The Generator and...

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