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Dental Equipment


Keeping updated veterinary dental equipment is essential for patient safety and comfort. Many domestic pets, such as cats and dogs, hate receiving these procedures, even though they are necessary for health. That’s why ensuring their comfort and reducing their stress levels is essential.

Veterinary dental equipment has come a long way over the years. In the past, animal health primarily relied on treatments administered orally. With more sophisticated dental equipment, veterinarians can now provide their patients with a broader range of services.

Veterinary Dental Equipment

National Veterinary carries veterinary dental equipment from the top manufacturers. Items like the FC6 Vet Dental Unit are designed for high-quality care. The unit includes a high and low-speed handpiece, an LED, and a 3-way air-water syringe.

We strive to carry reliable equipment and a proper investment for your practice or hospital. The VET Dental Digital X-ray System aims for convenience with portable X-rays and new image processing software to go with the equipment.

What Are Different Veterinary Dentistry Needs For Animal Patients

Veterinary dental equipment has come a long way over the years. While it was once only standard for domestic pets, it is now being used more and more on livestock and exotic animal species. The needs of each type of animal vary greatly. Veterinary dental equipment needs to be able to adapt as well.

Domestic Animals

Domestic pets have relatively specific dental needs. They usually just need regular cleanings and occasional tooth extractions. In some cases, the vet may need to sedate the patients in case of stress, noncompliance, or aggression.

While domestic pets have relatively specific dental needs, they can still suffer from various issues. Some common dental problems in dogs and cats include plaque build-up, tartar formation, gingivitis, periodontal disease, tooth decay, and broken or missing teeth.

Plaque build-up can cause several problems, including gum inflammation (gingivitis), tooth decay, and even loss of teeth. Tartar formation is also typical in cats and can lead to periodontal disease – a severe condition that affects the gums and bone around the teeth.

Livestock Medical Needs

On the other hand, livestock has much larger teeth that need more specialized equipment to clean and care for properly. One is an animal dental scale, which measures the height, width, and length of animal teeth. This information creates a custom dental treatment plan for each animal.

Another classic piece of dental livestock equipment is a high-speed drill. This drill is used to remove cavities and plaque from animal teeth. It can also reshape teeth and drill into a tooth’s root to extract a decayed or infected pulp.

Finally, a livestock dentist often uses a dental CNC machine to take detailed pictures of an animal’s teeth. These pictures can help identify problems early as a reference for future treatments.

A high-quality dental drill is one of the most important pieces of equipment for veterinary dental work. This tool removes plaque and tartar from the teeth and removes decay.

Exotic Animal Health

Exotic animal species often require even more specialized equipment, as their teeth can be pretty small or oddly shaped. They also have unique dental needs. For example, reptiles typically require the routine application of fluoride to prevent tooth decay, while horses require the regular filing of their teeth to keep them healthy.

Upgrade Your Dental Suite With National Veterinary Equipment

National Veterinary Equipment takes your patients’ medical needs seriously. As a result of oral care, cleaning, and preventive maintenance, animal health has improved dramatically. Pets are now able to enjoy longer and healthier lives. We want to contribute to a higher quality of life.
Reach out to us today to find out about upgrades to oral care. Let National Veterinary Equipment outfit your dental units.

  • Portable Dental X-RAY


    VET Dental Digital X-ray System

    DIGITAL INTRA-ORAL SENSOR: Pluto 0001X / Pluto 0002X0 APS CMOS technology Smart AED-Compatible for variety X-Ray sources Direct deposition CSI - Lower dose imaging USB Slim, rounded corner and thumb position IP68 High reliability YL DENTAL X...

  • FC6 Vet Dental Unit


    FC6 Vet Dental Unit

    Scaler Handpiece3 Way Air/Water SyringeHigh Speed HandpieceLow Speed HandpieceSuction handpieceLED Light curing unit

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