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Patient Monitors

Veterinary patient monitors are more than accessories for surgery and regular checkups. They ensure that during any surgery or procedure that requires an anesthetic. Veterinarians and technicians can watch patient vitals to identify potential problems and prevent them before they become serious.

Monitoring Vital Signs With Different Parameter Configurations

Hospitals, ERs, and surgical suites need monitors measuring blood pressure, internal temperature, heart rates, and oxygen levels. That’s why maintaining these monitors and purchasing them when necessary is crucial.

Veterinary vital signs are the same in animal patients. Devices with flexible installation can work with other animals in addition to pets. Regarding weight and biology, different requirements exist for livestock and exotics. The heart rate of a mouse, for example, is other than that of a prize pig. One also needs to accommodate patient comfort and balance with accuracy.

High-Quality Veterinary Patient Monitors

Please take a look at our vital signs monitors. Each unit has a simple and portable design. We have new and refurbished options to get the latest features or the best value on a limited budget.

We curate our monitors from companies that specialize in veterinary applications. These manufacturers use innovation to expand patient care, complete with manufacturer warranties. Therefore, we are happy to display them and provide quotes upon request.

Monitors With Innovation

One of our options that incorporate innovation is the ePM12 Veterinary Patient Monitor. The manufacturer uses this monitor to represent “Intelligence for safety” to focus any new designs on patient care. The warranty policy offers two years of coverage for the monitor, one year on models, and 90 days on any accessories.

The controls are designed to mimic smartphone functions, with an H.D. touchscreen programmed for intuition. The ePM12 uses advanced CrozFusion to monitor advanced parameters such as CO2, 4-IBP, C.O., AG, and O2. CrozFusion can maintain consistent signals even in areas with spotty connectivity.

Standard Device With Abundant Monitoring Functions

When you want a standard ergonomic model that covers all vital signs, consider the iPM12 Veterinary Patient Monitor. Technicians like this vital signs monitor because the iPM12 is lightweight and designed for user comfort. You get a two-year warranty on the monitor and 90 days on accessory sets. Our team also includes a quick starter kit and guide.


Incorporate multiple gas monitoring when conducting surgery. You can configure the iPM12 to match your various logistics and workflows without any life-threatening interruptions for the patient. Expanded data storage also allows you to record data with the battery life’s potential.


Simple Software And Analysis

Are you focusing on monitors, including intelligent and straightforward features? We can wholeheartedly recommend the ePM10 Veterinary Patient Monitor. It has a multi-parameter setting. As a result, you can monitor multiple vitals with little effort. It is reliable, rugged, and durable, designed to last a long time.


High-quality shell materials allow for easy cleaning as well between surgeries. The fan-free design prevents fur from clogging any of the connections. You’ll reduce cross-contamination between patients and extend the monitor’s life while using. Customize the configuration as you see fit and use the low-ECG clips to minimize any trauma for the patient while they are sedated.


Monitor Your Veterinary Vital Signs With Devices From National Veterinary Equipment

National Veterinary Equipment carries the top manufacturers of veterinary patient monitors and vital signs devices. Our devices aim for easy operation when monitoring blood pressure from dog or cat patients. We strive to maintain reliable units and a good investment for your practice or hospital. 


Optimize patient outcomes with veterinary monitors and other ECG technology. Please contact our representatives today to learn more about adjusting your battery operation or locating a high resolution. The National Veterinary Equipment team will reach out in real time.

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