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Infusion Pumps

Animal patients must handle sudden movement or increased stress from a medical procedure. While some are designed to deliver life-saving insulin, others are meant to provide a constant drip of water and nutrients to patients while they rest. A veterinary infusion pump in your clinic can ensure that you properly dispense fluids to patients.

Veterinary Infusion Pumps

Pump failures can cause serious issues, especially for dehydrated patients or those that need medicine on a rapid schedule. Ideally, you would want a pump with safety features installed, which notify about failures or air in the line. Smart pumps are excellent if they fit your clinic budget and implement constant monitoring.

Infusion Pumps For Your Veterinary Clinic

All of our available infusion pumps qualify for quote requests. Each pump meets the EN1789 standards and prioritizes patient safety. Reach out to our team to receive an estimate.

We also list manufacturer warranties for each unit so you can get the highest value out of your order. For the products listed below, you will receive a 24-month mail-in warranty from the manufacturers for the full device and an 18-month warranty on parts and components. Each product has high water and dust resistance to prioritize safety.

The BeneFusion SP3 Infusion Pump has a syringe model. We like that this syringe pump is lightweight and portable. It demonstrates both convenience and safe dispensation of fluids to patients. You can add and modify as many syringes as the patient needs without worrying about brand compatibility.

This pump requires no training, only company-provided guidance, and has a low learning curve. Use the fast start function to prevent delays during infusions. In the case of occlusion, the anti-bolus function will act to protect the patient. Use the Wi-Fi connection or dock mounting for user convenience.

We also have the BeneFusion VP3 Infusion Pump, with four hours of battery life. A second-generation vet pump can conduct blood transfusions and real-time regular infusions for different patients. It is easy to use, with an evident graphic alarm.

The Intelligent Occlusion Management System prevents air bubbles in the line, monitoring the infusion for hours. It starts detections at 20 microliters. The structure maintains tubing integrity over a long time and accurate infusion to optimize patient care. You can mount it in cages using the included clamps and install it within a veterinary ambulance.

Maintain Your Flow Rates With National Veterinary Equipment

National Veterinary carries veterinary infusion equipment from the top manufacturers. We strive to maintain reliable equipment and suitable investment for your practice or hospital. Our shop has both new and refurbished options for your benefit. You can find machinery that can help both your large and small patients.

Please contact us today to find out more about stocking your veterinary clinic and preventing any infusion failures. National Veterinary Equipment will answer your questions regarding which infusion pump is best for your patients.

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