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Anesthesia Machines

Veterinary Anesthesia Machines

Veterinary anesthesia machines need to deliver controlled levels of anesthesia to patients. Their inhalation solutions can increase safety during surgery by measuring the exact amounts to dispense based on size, weight, and biology.

Veterinary Inhalation Anesthesia Machines

Please browse our options for veterinary anesthesia machines. They are designed for versatility so that any clinic can use them. We also list manufacturers’ warranties so you can decide on the highest value you can get from a machine.

Mindray Veta Anesthesia Machines

Veta is our most popular brand, a line from Mindray. Mindray is a company dedicated to patient care and innovation. New ways to deliver high-quality monitoring fuel their latest machinery. They want to ensure that their large and small animals are comfortable during surgery, grooming, or stressful checkups.

A high-performance turbine and intuitive touchscreen increase convenience for veterinary technicians. These machines implement smart inhalation meters that set parameters automatically based on the patient’s weight. They also have backup ventilation in the case of sleep apnea or hypoventilation. When you need to replace the gas canisters, automatic notifications will remind you.

The manufacturer’s warranty covers three years on electrical parts and five years on mechanical. You can also request upgrades from the manufacturer at reasonable rates.

Mindray Veta 3

The Veta 3 Anesthesia Machine series uses a trolley mount system. It has O2, O2 hoses, and gas hoses as the supply for necessary gases. Each machine also comes with a disposable small animal accessory kit and system for handling waste gas.

Mindray Veta 5

If you prefer a newer model from Mindray, consider the Veta 5 Anesthesia Machine. We retail it uniquely for your benefit. Complete with company software, you have vaporizer options between V60 ISO or SEVO. The Veta 5 also has a trolley mount machine and gas supply for O2, O2 hoses, and gas hoses.

Criteria For A Wide Variety Of Anesthesia Machines

What do veterinarians and technicians seek within an anesthesia machine? They are deeply concerned with patient safety before, during, and after surgery. The same goes for surgery before serious grooming or invasive but necessary examinations.

Compactness and portability are significant. An anesthesia machine must factor in the available space for transporting it between rooms. The devices must wheel around easily throughout a hospital and store efficiently when not in use.

Integration is another high priority. Anesthesia machines must fit within existing systems and workflows in a clinic or animal hospital. With integrated techniques, space efficiency improves, as does compatibility.

Invest In Equipment Solutions From National Veterinary Equipment

National Veterinary Equipment cares about your veterinary patients’ health. We stock new and refurbished machines to supply your clinic from equine to exotic. Our team of representatives can also recommend manufacturers’ warranties and features you won’t want to miss.

Are you ready to view our stock of machines that monitor and protect animal health? Please reach out to us today. Let National Veterinary Equipment provide the tools you need to monitor breathing in large and small animals.

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