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Mindray Vetus 9 Ultrasound Machine

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Mindray Vetus 9 Ultrasound Machine

Revolutionary ZST+ platform, 23.8-inch high resolution LED Monitor, Innovative dual-wing floating arm, Standard 5 active transducer sockets, HD Touch Screen (15.6-inch, angle adjustable, touch gestures supported), iConsole with intelligent control panel,Full-space floating control panel adjustment, 100% Raw Data of Imaging Proccessing Technology, Hybrid Hard disk (1TB & 128GB SSD), High speed data interface module (USB3.0, Type C, HDMI), PC input Keypad with protective cover film, B/M/Color/Color M/Power/Directional Power/CW/PW/HPRF, PSHTM (Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging), iBeamTM (Spatial Compounding Imaging), iClear+TM (Speckle Suppression Imaging), iTouchTM (Auto Image Optimization), iZoomTM (Full Screen View), Echo BoostTM, HR FlowTM (High Resolution Flow), iCompare(multi-modality imaging compare), Dehaze, HD Scope, SSC(Sound Speed Compensation), iStationTM (Animal Information Management), iMeasure (intelligent reference for vet measurement), iReport (vet report management system), iStorage (Intelligent tool for transferring the images and reports to PC), MedSightTM (Support IOS/Android devices), MedTouchTM(Support IOS/Android devices), ECG Module(6Pin 3-Lead ECG Cable, vet clips), CW Module, Built-in Wireless Adapter, DVR Module, iVocal(with wireless microphone & USB cable), Gel Warmer for animal(with 3 gear adjustemnt), Clinical packages: abdomen, small parts, cardiology, vascular, reproduction, DICOM( Basic, Worklist, MPPS, Query/Retrieve), UWN+ Contrast Imaging, TDI(TVI, TEI, TVD and TVM), Free Xros M, iScape View, iNeedle, Glazing Flow, Smart Trace, Smart 3D, iScanHelper, iWorks, US power cord, 5 Year Warranty, 1 Probe, 2 hours online training, 1 day onsite training, white glove shipping to continental U.S.

Mindray has introduced a revolutionary premium veterinary ultrasound to meet the diverse demands of the veterinary practice, the Vetus 9. Powered by ZONE SonographyTM Technology (ZST), Vetus 9 brings imaging performance for animals to the next level and provides excellent solutions in dedicated applications with leading image quality, superb diagnostic tools, and efficient workflow.

The Vetus 9 delivers 10 times faster imaging, dynamic pixel focusing, and original echo signal recalling technologies, enabling veterinarians to deal with all clinical scenarios with ease.

5 year manufacturer's warranty