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VET Dental Digital X-ray System Product Video Introduction

Posted by National Veterinary Equipment on 2nd Feb 2023

Check out our video overview on the VET dental digital x-ray system featuring Ashley, the Sales and Applications Specialist for National Veterinary Equipment.

As you all are probably aware, Veterinary Dental Health Month is only a few months away. Dental X Ray can significantly increase a Veterinarian's ability to detect the early onset of dental disease, which assists in planning a patient's dental health regimen. Dental x ray is a critical tool for any Veterinarian.

Our Dental X-ray system is offered as a portable system, as well as a mobile system. It comes complete with the Dental X ray Generator, the oral sensor (which is available in two different sizes), and professional veterinary dental analysis software. The portable system operates with a handheld camera, whereas the mobile system is wall or trolley mounted.

The sensor is only 4.5 mm thick, but packs quite the punch...including a shield, three layers of superior imaging components, and a shock absorber layer.

The Veterinary specific Dental Software offers one click diagnosis functionality, a continuous exposure screen, and Great picture editing functions. The software operates based on the highest standards for image processing as well as friendly user interface. You can easily export images to your patient's medical record or to an external storage device to send home with your client or to a referral practice.