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Are Dog Ultrasound Machines Safe?

Posted by National Veterinary Equipment on 9th Feb 2023

Are Dog Ultrasound Machines Safe?

Pet owners want the best care for their dogs, cats, or exotics. Many dog breeds or mixes may sometimes need follow-up beyond standard physicals, blood tests, or emergency visits. A veterinarian may order or perform an ultrasound. Pet owners then want to know if dog ultrasound machines are safe. We can assure you that these ultrasound machines and exams are perfectly safe.

How Do Veterinarians Use Pet Ultrasound Machines?

Canine ultrasound machines use sound waves that travel through the body and bounce back off organs and tissues. This ultrasound technology provides detailed images of the inside of your pet so that veterinarians can make an accurate diagnosis quickly. Ultrasound machines diagnose various human health conditions and assess a dog’s situation if a veterinarian starts an odd problem.

Why Do Dogs Need Ultrasounds?

Sometimes as dog’s age, they may hide their sickness. Vets then need to follow up on these conditions. An ultrasound can also detect issues that may not appear on other tests, from blood work to X-rays. They can then match symptoms to specific conditions.

The ultrasound probe acts as a microphone, allowing veterinarians to hear what is happening inside your dog’s body. Ultrasound machines often identify health issues in dogs, such as liver, heart, and kidney disease. They work by picking up sound waves that travel through the body and bounce back off organs and tissues.

In addition, ultrasound machines can also help diagnose pregnancy, tumors, and other soft tissue abnormalities. Not all tumors or cysts are malignant or require intense treatments. Knowing which cysts are not deadly is essential.

An accurate diagnosis can prevent emotional distress for the patients and their owners. Veterinarians can quickly determine the size of a tumor or cyst without having to perform invasive surgery.

Addressing Concerns About Dog Ultrasounds

Despite their many benefits, pet owners are still concerned about ultrasound machines. Many worry that ultrasound probes are too big, loud, or uncomfortable for their pets. However, this is different. Ultrasound machines have been designed to be as comfortable and non-invasive as possible for your furry friend. They produce sound waves that humans can hardly hear, and the ultrasound probe is small enough not to cause discomfort to your pet.

Using ultrasound on dogs is safe and non-invasive; it doesn’t require any sedation or radiation exposure like other forms of imaging do. As such, there’s no need for pet owners to worry about their furry friends when using ultrasound probes or canine ultrasound equipment. In addition, staying positive during this process will help ensure the best outcome for you and your pup!

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